Exclusive Cork Vegan Handbags for Women 

Moddanio's passion for design has resulted in the launch of our Exclusive Cork Vegan Handbags for Women. Sustainable vegan handbags made from cork.  Our designs are suitable for any occasion. Think Green - Choose Cork. 

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  • Cork Clutch Bag Sellina

    Cork Clutch Bag Sellina | Moddanio The unique Cork Clutch Bag Sellina is absolutely beautiful, elegant and classic in design. We have used a more premium and mature cork which is...
  • Cork Handbag Convertible Range

    Cork Handbag Convertible Range | Moddanio  Be in style for 2020, with the trendy 3 in 1 Cork Handbag Convertible Range. This unique number is the epitome of style, convenience and...
  • Cork Laptop Bag Chloe

    Cork Laptop Bag Chloe | Moddanio Our special edition ladies Cork Laptop Bag Chloe, in a darker cork colour known as taco, it features a beautiful laser cut design on...
  • Cork Backpack Taylor Prestige 4 in 1

    Cork Backpack Taylor Prestige 4 in 1 | ModdanioThe Cork Backpack Taylor Prestige 4 in 1 is our most UNIQUE and trendy pieces. Not only is it a backpack you can also use...
  • Cork Shoulder Bag Davinci

    Cork Shoulder Bag Davinci | Moddanio Our Cork Shoulder Bag Davinci comes in a stylish darker cork known as taco, it’s has fantastic attention to detail right round, sturdy adjustable...
  • Cork Handbag Mayfair Limited Edition

    Cork Handbag Mayfair Limited Edition | Moddanio The Cork Handbag Mayfair Limited Edition exclusive handbag with fantastic finishes right round. It has a smooth, sturdy dark wooden handle which works...
  • Cork Handbag Nottingh

    Our Cork Handbag Nottingh is lovely and has its own identity, it’s curved lines and unusual shape make it a rare and hard to come by bag. In-fact we don’t offer...
  • Cork Handbag Ombro

    Cork Handbag Ombro | Moddanio Our Cork Handbag Ombro is one our most prestigious bags within our range, it's completely made of natural cork although in the darker tone known as taco,...
  • Cork Handbag Tommy

    Cork Handbag Tommy | Moddanio  The Cork Handbag Tommy, showcases a lovely and unique sun pattern on the front, falls part of our 2019/2020 Collection. It’s a medium sized bag, fits...
  • Cork Crossbody Bag Versacci

    Our limited edition cork crossbody / shoulder bag with a unique sunlike spiral pattern featuring on the front of the bag, this bag is a comfortable size with great features...
  • Cork Backpack Vincci

    Cork Backpack Vincci | Moddanio The newest edition to our backpack range, the Cork Backpack Vincci is a unisex backpack and crossbody bag that is strong and sturdy. Interesting in...
  • Cork Drawstring Bag Exclusive GS

    Cork Drawstring Bag Exclusive GS | Moddanio Our Cork Drawstring Bag Exclusive GS, a truly unique and a one of a kind must have.  Made from natural cork which is...
  • Cork Shoulder Bag Tratosi

    Cork Shoulder Bag Tratosi | Moddanio Our Cork Shoulder Bag Tratosi is one of our biggest shoulder bags, featuring a simple but effective eye catching pattern on the front, it also...
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