A Beautiful Collection of Cork Vegan Backpacks for Women 

Spice up your wardrobe with a Cork Vegan Backpacks for Women. Our cork backpacks are sustainable, vegan and designed to be incredibly durable. We offer a range of versatile cork backpacks in a variety of styles and colours designed specifically for you. Browse our designs and find the right cork backpack for you! Think Green - Choose Cork 

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  • Cork Backpack Banni

    Cork Backpack Banni | ModdanioOur  Banni is a mini size and fun styled backpack, it’s known to be small and cute, comes in a variety of patterns and colour choices. It...
  • Cork Backpack Dulci

    Cork Backpack Dulci | Moddanio The Cork Backpack Dulci, is the most popular seller in the backpack range, the perfect size and a real head turner. It’s ultra light weight,...
  • Cork Backpack Monti Grande

    The Monti Cork Backpack is a classic design, practical, spacious and secure fastening makes it a great choice. Dimensions (H) 28 cm x (W) 28 cm x (D) 11 cm...
  • Cork Backpack Georgia

    Our Cork Backpack Georgia is great in many ways. It has certain touches to it that make it special, these include, fun vibrant patterns, a front buckle which is just for feature...
  • Cork Backpack Rebecca

    Cork Backpack Rebecca | Moddanio This magnificent Cork Backpack Rebecca with a “gold laser-dot feature” across the front of the bag really stands out from any other backpack you’ve ever...
  • Cork Backpack Alcido

    The Cork Backpack Alcido is a great size for everyday use. It comes in a variety of colours and designs,  which adds that additional flair to the overall look and...
  • Cork Backpack Alcido Grande

    The Alcido Grande Cork Backpack has a lovely red laser dot print which adds some flair to the design of the backpack. Additionally it has a stunning metal trim-finish on...
  • Cork Backpack Anastasia

    This unisex Cork Backpack Anastasia is a must have, unique, spacious and durable. This backpack can also be worn as a cross body bag, either to the front or back...
  • Cork Backpack Vincci

    Cork Backpack Vincci | Moddanio The newest edition to our backpack range, the Cork Backpack Vincci is a unisex backpack and crossbody bag that is strong and sturdy. Interesting in...
  • Cork Backpack Taylor Prestige 4 in 1

    Cork Backpack Taylor Prestige 4 in 1 | ModdanioThe Cork Backpack Taylor Prestige 4 in 1 is our most UNIQUE and trendy pieces. Not only is it a backpack you can also use...
  • Cork Backpack Dimitri

    Cork Backpack Dimitri | Moddanio Our latest Cork Backpack Dimitri for 2019 made from natural cork and available in the two tone colour scheme. It’s the largest backpack in our range and proving...
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