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Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility | Moddanio

Natural cork is the bark of the cork oak tree – a completely renewable, sustainable and recyclable product. Once harvested from the tree, it is made into various cork products including wine and champagne stoppers.

But what happens to the cork after the bottle has been finished?

Currently, many stoppers end up back in the landfill. With wine consumption on the rise and the UK consuming an estimated 12 million bottles of wine a week, that is a lot of cork heading into the landfill. Why not recycle your wine and champagne corks and keep them out of landfills.

A common misconception is that people recycle cork stoppers because there is a “shortage” of cork. This is incorrect. There is enough cork in the regulated Mediterranean cork forest to last for another 100 years without needing to grow another tree! We are simply diverting waste from landfill sites as there are so many other uses for this wonderful natural product.

Recycled cork isn’t used again for wine stoppers but is incorporated into such diverse products as memo boards, placemats, coasters, dartboards, floor tiles, gaskets, horse-float mats, boat decking and inners for hockey and cricket balls. In keeping with our concern for the environment, we have affiliated with RECORKED to collect natural wine, champagne and Prosecco corks throughout the UK.

At Moddanio we currently have two programs for accepting naturally used wine, Prosecco and champagne corks:
• From the public
• From businesses that may collect many corks through daily operations (bars, wineries, restaurants etc.)

We are currently accepting cork stoppers at our warehouse. Only natural cork bottle stoppers can be recycled, therefore, synthetic stoppers cannot be placed in a collection bin. 

You can kindly post the corks to the below address:

Big Yellow Storage
120-170 Stewart’s Road

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