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Authenticity of Cork

Authenticity | Moddanio

A counterfeit product is a fake or imitation "look alike" item made with the aim of appearing authentic. Such items are always of inferior quality and are generally very cheap in price. Moddanio strongly advises that you research and understand the quality of Cork you are purchasing and also ensure that the items are PETA approved if you are Vegan.

These items are not approved by us or even certified by the FSC regulator. We are committed to protecting and advising people about counterfeit goods being sold both online and on the streets as authentic products. We do not tolerate counterfeiting and will actively take legal action against infringes who claim to sell authentic goods and intentionally try to deceive you into buying inferior products.

Know your Cork
We would like to advise all our customers that cork has different grades as follows:

Grade A - is a premium high-quality cork which is exactly what we at Moddanio use. It comes from the more mature oak tree and tends to be at a higher price but lasts much longer, it also looks and feels completely different. The outer part has a smooth and soft finish with no visibility of cracks, or signs of it peeling, you should not be able to see any kind of backing material such as mesh or textile through the cork surface.



Alternatively, there’s a cheaper version Grade B (don’t be fooled by these) It is basically cork shavings from a less mature cork oak tree, that are all glued together in the cheapest way possible, they are not put through the same detailed process as Grade A, resulting in cracking, tearing and peeling. It has a rougher feel to it and is uneven, resulting in a more brittle non-luxurious feel.


Grade C - is made from polyurethane, this is a composition of different plastics which results in a fake cork "look alike" We advise you to stay well clear of these, despite the prices being very attractive you are simply buying junk. In life, you get what you pay for. These items are typically made in China and do not come with any warranty, they do not meet FSC standards nor are they Peta approved.





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