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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions | Moddanio


How do I track my order?

If you have paid for Tracked & Signed Delivery method you will be sent a tracking number to monitor your parcel's movements and estimated delivery date. For all Standard Deliveries a reference number as proof of postage will be sent to you - please note, no live tracking or estimated delivery time is available on this selected standard service.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver worldwide, please ensure that addresses are provided in English and are accurate so as to avoid items being sent back to us by your local authority. We are not responsible for incomplete or inaccurate details supplied by the buyer and strongly urge you to complete all information fields such as: door numbers, block numbers and building names. If parcels are being signed for by a receptionist or concierge, please liaise with them too, so that they are not refusing parcels for whatever reason.

‚ÄčWhat are your delivery timescales?

‚ÄčAll orders are dispatched from our¬†warehouse within 24 to 48 hours of the order being¬†placed. Depending on your selected delivery method and location, timescales will vary currently due to covid19 disruptions worldwide, please also note that during peak seasons they may also be affected. For further detailed information please refer to our Delivery Policy.¬†

Do you provide International delivery?

‚ÄčYes, international delivery is available.¬†

‚Äč‚ÄčWhat are your shipping rates?

‚ÄčShipping¬†rates can vary depending on the destination, weight of the parcel and order value. All shipping costs are calculated using a postal courier¬†service. For a more detailed breakdown, please refer to our¬†delivery policy.‚Äč‚Äč Orders over ¬£150.00 are applicable for free shipping worldwide.

‚ÄčHow do I return an item?

‚ÄčIn the event that you're unhappy with your purchase or wish to return your item, please email us so that we can send you a returns form.‚Ä謆

What is your returns policy?

‚ÄčA 30 day return policy¬†from date of purchase is in place for returns and exchanges, any returns received after 30 days of the original invoice date will be refused. Please read our returns and refund policy for details about the process, this also includes faulty items.

Am I expected to pay for returns shipping?

Yes, the onus falls on the customer, unless the incorrect item was sent out by our warehouse. 

What amount is refunded?

Approved refunds will be processed for the full amount paid for the products but will exclude the shipping charges. If your order was eligible for free shipping, the shipping will be deducted from the refund amount due.

Can I a receive a refund on items purchased during a sale or with a voucher code?

Purchases made with a voucher code or on sale can be returned in line with our policies but not refunded. We will gladly issue a credit note for the value of the purchase once the item has been returned to us in it's original condition. Further details can be found in our Refunds and Return Policy.

‚ÄčHow do I clean my cork products?

‚ÄčUnlike leather, Cork does not need to be conditioned in any shape or form. It is waterproof and easily cleaned by just using a soft cloth and some warm soapy water, simply wipe the dirty area and then allow the item to dry naturally.¬†

Is cork vegan?

‚ÄčYes it comes from a tree. All of our products are 100% vegan and we are proudly PETA approved.

Does cork crack, peel or dry out?

No not if it is genuine high quality cork. Grade A- Cork material is durable, soft and hard wearing. The process in which it has undergone to turn it into a fabric enables it to be flexible and allows it to be bent or folded without it cracking, tearing or peeling. However if one continuously got an item completely wet, then left it in extreme heat or sun to dry repeatedly, it would eventually give way. We advise not to do this to prolong the life of your item. It can afford to get wet and it will dry naturally but do not put it in direct sun light to dry.

Why do some cork items look & feel so different from each other?

Firstly we would like to advise all our customers that cork has different grades, Grade A - is a premium high quality cork which is exactly what we use and it comes at a higher price but it lasts much longer, it also looks and feels completely different. Alternatively there’s a cheaper version Grade B (don’t be fooled by these) this is-basically cork shavings from less mature trees which are all glued together and not put through the same detailed process as Grade A, resulting in cracking, tearing and peeling. It has a rougher feel to it, uneven and feels more brittle. Grade C - is made from polyurethane, this is a composition of different plastics which results in a fake cork look alike. We advise to stay well clear of these, despite the prices being very attractive you are simply buying junk. You get what you pay for.

How long will my cork item last?

It depends, an item which is used everyday might last less than an item which is used 6 times a month as an example. We typically suggest that items will last 3 to 5 years and in some cases even longer. Different products have a different life expectancy, for example a cork shoe compared to a cork necklace that are put under completely different strains.

Does cork float?

A question that always comes up, time and time again, we are starting to wonder what people do in their spare time. Technically speaking, yes. It depends what item and how heavy it is, as an example if you had a woman's handbag filled to the brim, it might not float. However if it was a card holder with one card in it, then yes it would. Either way, we hope that you or your cork item, are never in a position where you’re expected to float.

If rain pours down on my cork handbags and accessories will they get stained?

No they won't stain, typical stain marks come from ink, dye or dirt some of which can be cleaned out.

Do you customise orders?

Currently we do not offer a customisation service for single items, however for large quantities we are more than happy to discuss this and see if we can help.

Can I place an order as a gift to someone?

Of course you can. Simply ensure that the delivery address is where you would like it to be delivered and also leave us a note in the checkout area stating "Marked as Gift"


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