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Our Cork Handbags, Wallets and Accessories are all handmade from nature's most precious material. Cork is not only strong, durable and sustainable but also ethical and Eco friendly.

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  • Cork Laptop Briefcase Alyssa

    Cork Laptop Briefcase Alyssa | Moddanio One of very few ladies Cork Laptop Briefcase Alyssa, this particular ladies bag is subtly elegant, combined with curved edges and small details that...
  • Cork Shoulder Bag Angelika

    This Cork Shoulder Bag Angelika is a great in it’s offering, with a wide opening zipper and it’s spacious interior. It has an Interesting design showcasing a laser polka dot...
  • Cork Handbag Convertible Range

    Cork Handbag Convertible Range | Moddanio  Be in style for 2020, with the trendy 3 in 1 Cork Handbag Convertible Range. This unique number is the epitome of style, convenience and...
  • Cork Clutch and Purse

    Be in Style for 2020, with this trendy clutch purse. These unique purses are the epitome of style that showcase creative designs with an colourful faux leather wrist straps. Made from...
  • Cork Crossbody Bag Asina Prestige

    Cork Crossbody Bag Asina Prestige | Moddanio The Cork Crossbody Bag Asina Prestige is a beautiful & slim bag, a popular shape and size which is currently trending. Soft and...
  • Cork Bifold Slim Card Holder

    Cork Bifold Slim Card Holder | Moddanio Our Cork Bifold Slim Card Holder is sleek and thin in it’s design, with a medium to hard outer cover which is also soft...
  • Cork Card Holder Fold able & Slim

    Cork Card Holder Foldable & Slim | Moddanio This Cork Card Holder Fold able & Slim is one of our latest additions, available in two colour choices, it’s a re-make...
  • Cork Bifold Card Holder Slim

    Cork Bifold Card Holder Slim | Moddanio The Cork Bifold Card Holder Slim “book shaped” -  has a stunning finish with a soft and natural texture, the cork card holder...
  • Cork Card Holder Slim

    Cork Card Holder Slim | ModdanioOur Cork Card Holder Slim is popular and has been for a very long time now. It’s a great addition to the collection of accessories. This...
  • Cork Crossbody Bag Castelli

    Cork Crossbody Bag Castelli | Moddanio A simple but practical Cork Crossbody Bag Castelli that has been with us for some time now, due to popular demand. It’s a medium...
  • Cork Backpack Cerusa

    Cork Backpack Cerusa | Moddanio One of our larger Cork Backpack Cerusa, available in a couple of design choices. This backpack is ultra light-weight, fits  most “small to medium” sized...
  • Cork Crossbody Bag Choco Circles

    Cork Crossbody Bag Choco Circles | Moddanio Here we have our fastest and most popular large Cork Crossbody Bag Choco Circles within our range. This bag stands the test of...
  • Cork Cigarette Box Holder

    The Cork Cigarette Box Holder has a hard outer casing but remains lightweight and durable, unique and elegant in it’s features. Holds a box of cigarettes and a lighter. Fits...
  • Cork Belt Reversible

    Our reversible cork belts are recognised for their stylish look and feel, perfect for a causal or formal look. It’s clean, sharp lines and silver square buckle, make this Cork Belt...
  • Cork Bi-colour Cosmetic Bag

    This natural medium sized slick Cork Bi-colour Cosmetic Bag features a full zip closure with a neutral interior lining and natural premium cork fabric on the outside. Available in a...
  • Cork Baseball Cap

    Cork Baseball Cap | Moddanio Our unisex Cork Baseball Cap is crafted from natural cork, the entire outer shell is all cork, it’s extremely unique and special. Unlike some cork...
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