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Our Story

 Our Story | Moddanio

Our story began in 2014 when we were introduced to a lovely family who not only were close friends with relatives of ours but also the owners of a cork manufacturing factory.

‚ÄčWe went on an exclusive tour and saw the benefits¬†of¬†this extraordinary¬†material known as cork.

We wanted to be original and start something new and innovative, something that wasn't common but needed to remain ecological and ethical, yet stylish and trendy. Fortunately, the characteristics of cork made us feel more and more confident because not only is cork versatile, eco-friendly and sustainable, but it's also sophisticated, super lightweight, waterproof and incredibly durable - which meant that we were onto a winner!

We became more and more excited about introducing our stunning range of vegan fashion accessories which were all handmade from genuine cork, not only was this a genius concept it was also ethical. We love and respect nature which is why we chose a way of working that respects its harmony and preservation. We saw this as our opportunity to start producing an exclusive range of custom-designed fashion cork accessories...our own "one of a kind" British brand.

Our passion for cork is more than most can imagine. It leads us to create the Moddanio brand in the early part of 2015. We plan to grow our brand globally and ensure that we exceed all expectations.

One of our missions is to contribute positively to a better environment, by promoting the use of cork and unlike leather, it is cruelty-free.

Our pieces are carefully handcrafted focusing on, quality, elegance, design and innovation.

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