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Think Green-Choose Cork

Think Green-Choose Cork

What is cork and where does it come from?

Cork is the bark of a cork oak tree (Quercus suber), it is extracted for the first time when the tree completes 25 years of age and then every nine years thereafter. Cork oak trees are magnificent species found mainly in southwestern Europe (particularly in the Iberian Peninsula) and northeastern Africa.

It is important to mention that harvesting cork does the tree; on the contrary, it improves the health of cork oaks which live up to 300 years. After each harvest, the tree produces a new cork layer with the same quality as the previous one. Think Green-Choose Cork

Cork: 100% eco-friendly material

Cork is renewable (it grows back after each harvest). But it is also recyclable. From cork stopper recycling, for instance, it’s possible to produce building materials (cork is an exceptional insulator) as well as materials for automotive or airspace industries, among others. Cork is also 100% biodegradable.

The environmental awareness of mankind has developed a lot in recent years, mostly due to global warming concerns. These days we are aware of the importance of our daily decisions for the future of the planet. The fashion industry, whether by choice or by consumer pressure, also feels the need to find materials that are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Cork is different from any other material and it is unrivalled. It is 100% natural, and a  green alternative to synthetic products. Nevertheless, being a 100% natural product doesn’t mean that cork has any less quality than the other materials, actually quite the opposite. Wearing a cork accessory is wearing nature, but the properties of this material are unique and impressive.

Being very flexible, cork has the potential to replace the pollutant products traditionally used by the fashion industry it is already doing so. It’s an Eco-friendly alternative that, besides its amazing properties, has two additional benefits to be considered by everyone who cares about the planet, namely its extraction has an infinitely smaller environmental footprint when compared to the production of plastics; and even in the cork manufacturing process itself, all waste is used to make other materials - nothing is lost or wasted. Think Green-Choose Cork

Cork is our raw material of choice. We have been working in the fashion accessory industry for years and by creating Moddanio, we started to create Eco-friendly fashion and to contribute to a better world. We owe it all to this amazing material that we work with – cork. Think Green-Choose Cork

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